Want a Rush for $1 in NBA Top Shot?

It feels like a slot machine pull with every F5 refresh you take

Over the weekend for about an hour while lying in bed, I had the following search query up in my phone’s browser and I just kept pulling the webpage down in order to refresh the page. The search is simply for any Moment on NBA Top Shot that is listed for $1.

I figure at this point, any Moment on this platform must be worth a dollar. If you can flip it for $2, you just made a 100% ROI!

Granted, there’s not enough volume of $1 Moments to flip in order to make a killing here, but alas, it’s pretty fun if you want to be entertained.

Most times that you refresh the webpage of search results, you’ll see this:

But then sometimes you’ll see this and keep smashing the buttons to complete your purchase:

Sadly, you’ll end up with the ‘buy now for $1’ button, click it, pay with your dapper balance, think it was a success, and then be informed your purchase did not happen (most likely because someone else was doing the same thing, or someone’s bot snuck in faster than you by milliseconds).

Out of 28 Moments I thought I purchased, I only actually acquired 4 of them. So just plan that for every 7 Moments you think you’ve bought, you’re only walking away with 1 of them.

My purchases that night:

P.S. PRO TIP- After your payment goes through, don’t sit on the ‘pending’ screen to find out if it was a success or not, just get back to your search screen and pull that slot machine lever back down again! Good luck to all!