Top 100 Sales on NBA Top Shot

Charts, Charts, Charts!

I had high hopes for these charts. I made them this week, then of course another LeBron James sells for $99,999 and made these immediately outdated.

While it wouldn’t have taken long to recreate them with the new data point, I wasn’t very impressed by these charts and figured I need to rethink what to be showing you in the first place. I think the focus of future charts needs to be more specific — either to you regarding your actual Moments, specific players, specific play categories, specific sets, etc.

While generic ‘Top 100 Sales’ charts may be relevant to some, I don’t know that they tell us anything very interesting.

At least, they don’t to me.

Regardless, I’m sharing these charts with you this one time. I’d appreciate any comment on them as to whether you feel any of them have value, or if they were simply a waste of your time, or if there are any specific charts you would like to see.

I’m also curious what you think of some of the tools popping up in the industry, such as,, and

  • What feature are you using the most from any of those sites?

  • What do you feel is missing as a tool you’d like to use, or information you’d like to be getting?

  • Are there other tools/websites you are using to make your buy/sell decisions?

My thoughts: Steph still feels criminally under-represented here.

My thoughts: ‘From The Top’, did you see that coming?

My thoughts: Dunks are flashy. I’d be interested in a break-down of the Moments that exist and see if Dunks outweigh the other categories.

My thoughts: Serial #1 not a shock here. #23 is because of LeBron’s jersey number. Outside of Serial #1 and Jersey #, it seems most all other serials do not matter. I do think that if there’s 5,000, that the lower the # there is some additional value in people’s minds, but to what extent?

My thoughts: The top sales have been <=50 sets, thus this chart makes sense. Across ALL sales of ALL-TIME, this chart wouldn’t look like this.

My thoughts: I’d imagine this chart closely represents the number of Moments that actually exist across these years.

My thoughts: The Bales article that opened my eyes and feels like it set-off a tidal wave was released on January 15, 2021. Thus, some people (read: DFS guys) taking 7-10 days to dabble, understand NBA Top Shot, “get it”, then drop some serious loot on Moments.

My thoughts: I’m only familiar with Pranked and Carlini8. Likely a lot of early users of NBA Top Shot are represented in this chart.

My thoughts: I’m only familiar with Pranked, jerlevine (DFS), Vegasfinds777, Bales (DFS), andy8052, PeterJennings (DFS), BlockJ, and Carlini8. Do you know any of these other buyers?

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