Seeing Stars and Rising Stars Challenge #1 and #2 Rewards

Seeing Stars Challenge #1 and #2

There’s a Seeing Stars 1 Challenge right now. It is 12 teammates (of 14; Durant will not play as he is injured; no Anthony Davis Moment or Mike Conley) on Durant’s All-Star team. The Reward is Durant himself. You can view them all of them in the Marketplace here:

Most likely, the Seeing Stars 2 Challenge will be all 11 teammates on LeBron’s All-Star Team. The Reward will be LeBron himself.

Rising Stars Challenge #1 and #2

One of these challenges will likely begin today (or soon), once these packs drops at 5PM EST / 2PM PST today. Of the Rising Stars roster that was announced, Zion’s Feb 17, 2021 Moment is missing (he also has a Seeing Stars Moment) and then there is one other Rising Star missing, which will also be the Challenge Reward.

And it’s a big one.

Possibly, the dunk of the year. And most definitely, the biggest moment of young Anthony Edwards’ career from Feb 19, 2021:

All of these Moments were announced, so the fact these two are missing are indicators that they are the rewards.

There are 18 Rising Stars Moments. There are 20 Rising Stars, which are broken into 10 from U.S. Team and 10 from World Team. My guess is one challenge will require 10 from World Team and the other challenge will require 8 from U.S. Team.

Update: Rising Stars Challenge #1 announced. Here are the Moments needed in the Marketplace:,1629631,1630267,1630164,1629640,1630163,1629652,1628539,1629060&bySets=f493db4a-a775-4d6e-be8a-56fae509a92d

Thus, the Moments likely needed for Rising Stars Challenge #2 (Reward is likely Zion) are:,1629008,1629638,1630173,1629628,1630177,1629639,1630169,1630166&bySets=f493db4a-a775-4d6e-be8a-56fae509a92d