NBA Top Shot Tools of the Trade

Chrome Extensions for NBA Top Shot

I just found out that some Chrome Extensions have been built by some users of NBA Top Shot to help us collectors/investors. If you find any of these useful, I encourage you to ‘send as gift’ a Moment to the developer, as that will further encourage them to improve the tool. Most of these extensions list the developer’s Top Shot username. I found 4 and highly recommend the top two on this list:

1. Top Shot Toolkit Chrome Extension

Link to install:

This is pretty nice. It has ability to sort Moments by serial number or ask price. There’s a visual plot chart right below that shows dots for Ask Prices, Recent Sales, and the Top 3 Sales. There is also the ability to ‘follow’ other user profiles and then easily get to them in the future, if you want to track friends or the actions of NBA players on the system.

Go to a user’s profile and you’ll see a “Follow” button at the top of their page:

And quick access to their profile pages:

2. Top Shot Helper Chrome Extension

Link to install:

At first I installed this and was frustrated with how difficult it was to simply click the checkboxes in the extension itself. It’s still frustrating (just click the checkboxes, click into the input box, hit delete like 15 times, paste whatever you want, hit Save button in extension, and you should be good— or hit Save, then scroll down in the extension, or click somewhere else within the extension, and you should see your actual pasted stuff).

Anyhow, the nice thing is, it will add text after each serial number in the drop-down list of available Moments. The defaults by the extension are ‘Four Digit’, ‘Three Digit’, ‘Two Digit’ and ‘One Digit’, which quite frankly, does nothing for me. And I uninstalled it. Then I wondered, “well, could I put emoticons in there?” And boom, I can! This helps me visually see what’s going on, particularly once I sort the listings by lowest price— I can see the cheapest three-digit serial, two-digit serial, etc. That’s how I’m using it. Note: It shows color-coding, however that is PC/Windows only, not Mac. I’m a Mac guy.

Here’s what my listings now look like:

Apparently, if you have a PC/Windows, you’ll see color-coded listing like this:

3. NBAnana Chrome Extension

Link to install:

This has a large chart at the bottom of the page, which shows price distributions of the Moments for sale and recent Moment sales. There is also a ‘Best Price Analysis’ list of these Moments, however I don’t know what this is based on.

They also claim to have ‘Price Alerts’, (you need to signup free to validate your email with Google), which apparently will alert you when a Moment drops below a certain price you set. The Alerts also let you know when a new pack is for sale and when the site goes in/out of maintenance mode. [I did not signup for alerts]

4. Top Shot Broker Sort Chrome Extension

Link to install:

This feels unnecessary if you install Top Shot Toolkit above, as this only does the ‘sort by’ options.

Any other tools you’ve found or are using? Or features you want? Please share.