NBA Top Shot: AMA

Ask Me Anything

My apologies for not writing in a bit. I do have a lot of thoughts on NBA Top Shot at the moment (pun intended) — particularly with why I eventually dropped out of the auction last night for the Zion Williamson #1 Rookie Debut Moment that sold for $162K and also what I think is going to happen in the market in the coming weeks with ~600K new Moments entering from ~200K packs being pre-sold this weekend (not to mention likely several other pack drops before those enter the market).

I promise to write something this week, but let’s make it a Q&A. What questions are on your mind that you’re curious for an answer to? I’ll respond to all of them in my next post.

You can leave your question as a comment on the post or you can simply reply to this email (if you subscribe) and that should reply directly to me. Or, DM me on Twitter @popo.