I can assuredly tell you this pack today at 4PM EST is worth more than the $999 price. The legendary moment itself (Holo Icon) will be worth more than…

March 2021

This Challenge has not been announced yet, however it can be determined what is involved. 9 players again with the most expensive one being Kawhi…
Chrome Extensions for NBA Top Shot
Seeing Stars Challenge #1 and #2 There’s a Seeing Stars 1 Challenge right now. It is 12 teammates (of 14; Durant will not play as he is injured; no…
It's awfully quiet on NBA Top Shot; almost too quiet
Ask Me Anything

February 2021

Not for USA/Canadian residents tho 😕
It feels like a slot machine pull with every F5 refresh you take
Charts, Charts, Charts!
NBA Top Shot just announced a Master Challenge for Cool Cats, Series 2. In essence, you need to collect all of the Cool Cats that are released in packs…

January 2021

...which is likely also the World's 1st NFT to be auctioned off by a traditional Auctioneer
Note: I want to inform you that I may be incorrect with my assumption that NBA Top Shot will never distribute the remaining 7 of this Moment. I don’t…