I wasn’t sure how to start this blog post out. Do I tell you that I don’t even watch NBA games and have probably only seen a few games in my life? Do I tell you that a little over a week ago I didn’t know a thing about NFTs? (What I just offered to buy is a NFT, a “non-fungible…
I can assuredly tell you this pack today at 4PM EST is worth more than the $999 price. The legendary moment itself (Holo Icon) will be worth more than…
This Challenge has not been announced yet, however it can be determined what is involved. 9 players again with the most expensive one being Kawhi…
Chrome Extensions for NBA Top Shot
Seeing Stars Challenge #1 and #2 There’s a Seeing Stars 1 Challenge right now. It is 12 teammates (of 14; Durant will not play as he is injured; no…
It's awfully quiet on NBA Top Shot; almost too quiet
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Not for USA/Canadian residents tho 😕
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